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Why work with a broker?

A shipbroker is a professional who specialises in mediating and coordinating transactions.
Working with a broker has many advantages, especially in a sector as specialised as shipping.

Nous allons vous expliquer pour quelles raisons il est conseillé de faire appel à un courtier.

Local expertise :
Brokers are professionals with in-depth expertise in the maritime field. They understand the specifics of the market, including the rules and laws, the types of vessels and the economic conditions that influence the market.
This expertise enables customers to make effective progress in a sector that is often perceived as complex.

Un réseau étendu :
Brokers have a vast network of contacts in the industry, including shipowners, shipyards, architects, transport companies, marine insurers and other key players.
This network enables them to quickly find the best options to meet the specific needs of their customers, whether they need to transport a vessel, find a charter or sell/purchase vessels.

Save time:
Using a shipbroker saves precious time by delegating the research and negotiation to an expert.
The broker takes care of everything, from finding suitable solutions to finalising contracts, allowing customers to concentrate on their core business.

Support :

Brokers offer a tailor-made service, taking into account the needs of each customer. They provide personalised advice, helping to assess the options available and recommend the best solutions based on the customer's constraints and objectives. This personalised support ensures informed, strategic decision-making.

Risk management :

The maritime sector is subject to numerous regulations and involves significant risks. Brokers help their clients to navigate this complex regulatory framework and manage the risks associated with investment. By knowing the market they are able to provide sound advice.

Assistance :

Transactions often involve complex administrative and documentary formalities. Brokers take care of these aspects, ensuring that all the necessary documents are properly prepared and submitted, thereby reducing the risk of delays or administrative problems.

The advantages of working with a broker range from sector expertise and access to an extensive network to negotiation and simplification of administrative procedures. Thanks to their personalised support, they help their customers save time and concentrate on their core business, with complete peace of mind.

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